Health is wealth. Food plays an important role in making your life healthy. However, if you want to eat healthy foods, you must lower your consumption of edible oils. Excessive use of oils not only makes you fat but also causes many heart issues.

Now the question arises what is the replacement of oil frying?

An air fryer is a perfect solution to this problem. The list of best air fryer reviews can’t be completed without Alaysom air fryer. Its dynamic features allow you to cook almost everything in its own tender flavor.

You can cook or heat your favorite dishes in a few minutes without any hassle. For example, you can cook rice, bake sweets or cakes, and roast or fry meat products in less than an hour.

A user manual helps you in using all premium functions properly. Moreover, all electrical kitchen appliances require a lot of energy. Despite its XXL size, the Alaysom air fryer consumes only 1700 watts. The best thing is that it can operate on both 90VAC to 220VAC. Let’s dive into its list of advanced features.

Cosori 5-litre Air fryer Features

  • The best thing which separates Alaysom from other air fryers is its compact size. Its portable size allows you to place it anywhere in your kitchen.
  • The bigger display allows you to see temperature and timer at the same time.
  • Multifunctional buttons allow you to change different modes as per food requirements.
  • 11 preset menus are also installed in it, so you don’t have to worry about spices much.
  • With a larger capacity of 5.5L, you can cook anything for your family dinner.
  • Most air fryers make your food tasteless, but it locks the flavors in your food with 85% less fat.
  • The inner side is entirely non-stick. So the layer doesn’t allow your food to burn.
  • An additional feature of pre-heat is also integrated in it saves your time and helps in evaporation of extra water.
  • A basket safety lock is also there to reduce noise while cooking and also enhance safety.
  • It is an FDA-approved air fryer with PFDA free material.


  • A free recipe booklet with 100 plus brand new recipes.
  • Touch screen display.
  • Lightweight as compared to other Air fryers of its league.
  • A fully non-stick basket saves your food from overcooking.
  • A timer and Shaker function stir the food itself without any human interference.
  • Built-in overload fuses have also been installed on the input side, so in case of overvoltage, the fuses will blow and save your fryer from further damage.


The only concern is that its temperature scale is not changeable. So you have to use the scale of Celius only.

What do you get within the package?

The net weight of this air fryer is 5.8 kilograms having dimensions 12.6 x 11.81 x 11.81 inches. This Alaysom air fryer comes with a user manual and power cord. A recipe book is also available in the package. Finally, a two-year warranty card is there if you want to reclaim it Incase of any internal damage. So, all in all, it’s a good product with enhanced safety features.


It is rare to find an air fryer with 11 settings. So the Corsori air fryer deserves a multi-cooker designation. The Cosori 5 liter air fryer is an excellent value for money, and it comes with a two-year warranty. Its fryer trays are dishwasher safe, and they can hold a giant chicken. There is also a red and white version, but we prefer the uber-sleek black one. You get both inspiration and instructions for cooking with the 100-recipe booklet included in the box. Your only requirement is a few ingredients.